Friday, 3 July 2015

Essay - Keeping Fit

In this day and age, most of us know the benefit of keeping fit. Modern society has come to the point where it is believed that we need to keep fit to stay alive. Our work normally doesn't involve hard physical labour. So many of us lack exercises. The consequences of not getting enough exercises is frightening. On a mild scale, we may simply grow fat. On a more ominous scale, we may develop sorts of ailments that can kill us before we grow old.

So, we exercise, for our lives.

There are various means  by which we can get the exercise we need. If we live in the city, and can afford it, there are fitness clubs and gymnasiums that cater to our needs. They offer aerobics dancing, jazz dancing, weight reduction exercises and other sorts of body torture guaranteed to make us sweat. For the poorer ones there are other cheaper alternatives for keeping fit.

Games like badminton, squash and tennis are popular with may who like a bit of competition in their exercise. others play hockey, soccer and similar field games. Yet others engaged in mild games of snooker or bowling. while the intensity of physical exertion differ in each games, they all do give a certain amount of exercise to the participants. Who can say how much exercise a person needs ? It all depend on his physical conditions and his willingness to participate.

By far the most popular form of keeping fit is jogging. It is also relatively cheap. All a jogger needs is a good pair of running shoes, some decent, and comfortable clothes, a track to run on and a desire to do something beneficial for his body.

Thus we can see joggers in the lake gardens, fields and roads in the early morning and evening hours. These people are of various shapes, sizes, ages and sexes. They dress in all sorts of outfits ranging from simple drab ones to flashes of colours, enough to distract other joggers. Nevertheless, all of them huff and puff their way along their chosen paths. Some jogs rather quickly while others look like they are out more for a stroll than a run. Some fitter ones jog easily and smoothly while some obviously not-so-fit ones drag their tired feet one after another on the track. By merely looking at the face of a runner one can tell if he is feeling all right or feeling tortured.

Organised runs like marathons and half marathons, we see virtually thousands of people running and walking along the route for prize that most will not get. The point is not to win anything except the satisfaction of knowing one has completed the distance, that is an achievement by itself. Twenty Six miles by car is a long enough journey. The same distance by foot is far longer, and infinitely more tiring, if one can make it all.

What means we employ to keep fit, it is up to us. In fact we have the choice whether we want to keep fit or leave our bodies uncared. the benefits of keeping fit are many, provided we do not do it to extremes. Performed moderately, exercises do keep us fit and healthy.

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