Saturday, 14 October 2017

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Hello Friends,

This is Preety Uzlain and Today I want to give you a very important Information about my work, or you can say upcoming work. 

Preety Uzlain, MBA-Business Management, Director, CEO &Founder of SHAKSHARTA Digital Learning Private Limited. I am so pleased to introduce myself to you. I did BCA, MBA and Pursuing Doctorate as per my education qualification. I have been one of the main proponents of & for several years (SINCE 2009), and it is a true stand out in this field. I have a great understanding of the work and a great appreciation of what it takes to truly make continue on a path of progress of the students, and a remarkable vision of the future of the country.
Finally, I’m also just a fascinating and Adventurous person to innovate, so every day we can get the world something best. My way of living is to keep walking and keep learning and doing new things-never sit idle. Without further ado, please join me by subscribing on my YouTube Channel Preety Uzlain. is my dream that I want to accomplish with everyone’s help, this is not just an organization where Students think of it as their elevator pitch, but a platform to perform your dreams and I will help everyone to accomplish their dreams here. If I say, this as an elevator pitch, it will be a very short summary about, because we are going to use a very quick and simple way to define a question and its technique in a proper way.
This is not only a platform for academics or people who want to take education related to their standard, school, college, academics, courses but for general learner also. Age is never bar to be educated in anyway. We know your need an elevator pitch for you as a student — and it should be customized for different opportunities in every sector of education. We understand your need as per your requirement.
For competitors we have different module of educate, there will be way simplify way to make them learn questions in a way so answer can be got within seconds, students have to be able to fit all of their great qualities and resume high points into 30-45 seconds, so they’ll have to spend some time thinking and practicing about how to present themselves and how to manage their time in a way that starts to complete their task to solve the question in just seconds on the right note. will teach and give classes in every sector of education (Competition, Entrance exams, Academics, Languages, Basic/Advance/Business English, Current & General Knowledge, Moral Ethics & Education, Special sessions for KIDS). is in the process of shooting videos with high dimension quality and want to tie-ups with more learning institution so that I can make my website reach to a level where I can help everyone to crack all competition and life related exams, and after that I can start my own school where I can give personal education too to who are not physically well or unable to watch or understand my videos online.

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