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Present Indefinite Negative Sentences - क्या आपके लिए इंग्लिश मुश्किल है, पढ़ें यहाँ by Preety Uzlain

Present Indefinite Tense are recognized by the Hindi sentences that end with ता है, ते है, ही है 
Rules of Present Indefinite Tense are :
First Form Of The Verb
First Form Of The Verb + S/ES with Third Person Singular
Do / Does + First Form Of The Verb
Present Indefinite Tense has no Helping Verbs and always First Form Of The Main Verb is Used in this Tense.
Not brings Do or Does with it according to the sentence and Not always comes after the First helping Verb.
To solve the Hindi Sentences in English always follow One simple Rule:
Subject + Helping Verb (if required) + Main verb + Object (if required) + Place (if required) + Time (if required) <---- Always follow this order
Let suppose our sentence says :
1. प्रधान मंत्री जी 26 जनवरी को इंडिया गेट पर झंडा फहराते हैं
The Prime Minister unfurls the flag at India Gate on 26th January.
In this sentence :
The Prime Minister (Subject)There is no helping verb in this sentence as it is Present Indefinite Tense with positive Sentences
Unfurls (Main Verb)Flag (Object)At India Gate (Place)On 26 January (Time)In this sentence I have followed the order mentioned aboveIf you want to improve your written English always follow this order.
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